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Finally got around to making a website for myself

If you've been on the internet, and I am sure you have, you've noticed that anyone who has (or wants) some kind of internet presence has a website. Yet, mine was nowhere to be found.

The why

I felt like every good developer needs a place of their own. A place to collect everything they want to show to the world. A place where people can go if they want to know more.

But me? I didn't have such a place yet. So that's why I made one. It didn't need to be fancy. It didn't need to have much. But there needed to be something.

The how

I set out to work! I settled on something extremely basic. Something I can build upon. I decided on just a single index.html and some basic CSS to make it look somewhat pleasant and mobile-friendly.

What I've been seeing a lot lately is that everyone seems to grab the latest and greatest Javascript framework, even though that doesn't always seem necessary. Do you really need all that Javascript overhead? Do you really need that framework that just generates 2 HTML files and some CSS? For me, the answer to these questions was no. Of course, this could easily change in the future as I need more fancier features. But right now, no need.

The what

The result is a simple (and I mean it when I say simple) page that shows my avatar, silly subtext, and a description of what I do.

And because I also wanted to have it serve as a collection point. I added links to all the related platforms on there.

For now, this is enough. I already have ideas on how I can improve on this. Because a website is never truly done is it now?

You can check it out over here: https://mrlinxed.com

And you?

Do you already have a website? feel free to share it in the comments.

If you don't have one yet, what is stopping you? If you need a starting point. You can purchase the code I used for my site. And host it for free using CloudFlare.

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